National Anglers Association

NAA partners with small businesses across the United States to provide quality lures and baits to our subscribers. We feature a new company each month to keep your box filled with new and exciting tackle that is proven to generate bigger hits and catch larger fish!

More Than Just a Box

Beyond supporting American small businesses, a portion of each subscription goes to support a charitable organization as designated by our subscribers! NAA subscriptions are More Than Just a Box – it’s a way to give back to those that need and deserve our help!


How It Works

1. Sign Up & Select Your Charity

Each month we feature a new small business as our "Lure Company of the Month." Our boxes are packed with tackle that is Made or Designed in America by American small businesses. Better still, select the charity you want to support with your subscription: C.A.S.T. for Kids, Fishing Kids, or Take a Warrior Fishing.

2. Get Ready!

Our boxes ship FREE on the 11th of each month. As you wait for your new box to arrive, watch videos submitted by other NAA members to learn new tips, trick and tactics to make the most of your time on the water!

3. Catch Fish!

When your box arrives, you will be ready to head out and catch some huge fish! As you are reeling in those record-sized fish, remember that your subscription helped a special needs child, urban youth, or a member of America's Armed Forces and their family enjoy the pastime we love!


Top Rated Soft Plastics

High Quality Lures

Jigs, Spinnerbaits, & Terminal Tackle

More than just a box:

 As a subscribing member of the National Anglers Association, you are getting more than just a box of fishing tackle. Every box we ship contains lures or bait that have been handcrafted or designed by hard working small business owners in the United States. We focus on providing the quality tackle you deserve - not more junk baits that you will never use. 

More importantly, when you join the National Anglers Association and become a subscriber, you are providing a child or a member of America’s Armed Forces with the ability to experience the great outdoors! NAA donates a portion of every subscription to support charities that introduce people to the thrill of reeling in a big catch! 

Stay in Touch:

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How is National Anglers Association different from other tackle subscription companies? 

We only send out quality products manufactured or designed in the USA by American small businesses. When you open our box, you know you are supporting a small business owner in the United States and are getting a fantastic product. 

We also donate a portion of each member’s subscription to a charity that the member designates. We think everyone should have the opportunity to experience the great outdoors and are proud that our members share that same philosophy.

If you want a box stuffed with a bunch of cheap tackle that you’ll never use, we are not the membership for you.

If you do not think it’s important that every child or Veteran have the opportunity to experience the joys of fishing, we are not the membership for you.

How much of the subscription goes to charity?

When we created this company, we did so with the understanding that it was not just going to be about providing awesome fishing tackle – we wanted to give back and help our community. 

The National Anglers Association donates the value of 10% of every subscription to charities that help people enjoy the great outdoors and the sport of fishing.

Why does that National Anglers Association donate a portion of thesubscription value to charity?

Simple – it is the right thing to do.

How often will I get my NAA box?

Each box is shipped for FREE on the 11th of the month

When do I need to sign up by in order to receive my NAA box?

The cutoff date to receive a box for new members is the last day of the month. We source our tackle from small businesses across the country and need to give them enough time to manufacture their awesome products. But don’t worry if you miss the cutoff time, it just means you will to wait a little bit longer to get our fantastic products!

What's in the box?

Past boxes have included hand-poured plastics, custom crankbaits, jigs, skirts, spinnerbaits and much more! All our products are manufactured or designed in the USA by American small businesses.